Success/Life Coaching

Bruce Punches, M.A., M.A., L.P.C., B.C.P.C.

Licensed Professional Counselor

Board Certified Professional Counselor

(616) 450-9560

[email protected]

Calder Plaza Building 250 Monroe Ave. NW 4th Floor Grand Rapids, MI 49503

(Across from the DeVos Performance Hall)

With professional coaching, you’re accountable to someone who will challenge you in a spirited and highly skilled manner.  Bruce Punches' knowledge of the growth process and professional training will help you in the following areas:

  • Leveraging your strengths 
  • Relational skills
  • Communication training
  • Career transitions
  • Health goals and self-improvement

Coaching is for individuals, couples, or business partners. Sessions are fifty minutes. Fees range from $130 to $150 per session. 

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